Conductive Education

ce-logoA structured learning programme for children with motor disorders and developmental delay from different origins.

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PB200072Conductive Education Wellington Trust is a unique Early Childhood Centre founded to provide Conductive Education and Early Childhood Education to children with motor disorders up 6 years of age.  Licensed as a Charitable Trust, this partnership of Conductive Education and Early Childhood delivers an educational programme based on the principles of both Conductive Education and Te Whaariki.

Our staff, consisting of qualified Conductors and Early Childhood Teachers, assisted by trained support staff, deliver unit-based programmes and provide support services for the inclusion of the children in community early childhood centres as well as support services for their families. The staff are child-focussed and responsive to the aspirations of a child’s family or whanau.

Conductors plan a comprehensive programme with the assistance of other staff members, focussing on coordinating physical, cognitive and emotional factors of learning. The programme incorporates all daily living activities and addresses the needs of the child towards independence. The programme is structured to challenge children with motor disorders and other associated disabilities. Delivery of the Conductive Education programme is usually within a group.

Family involvement is vital in the setting of goals for their child’s learning, as well as any other parties who are involved in the child’s immediate health and wellbeing. Education for the child’s carer is important to enhance their understanding of the child’s condition and their needs, to ensure a high quality of life in the community. This is facilitated through the inclusion of parent/caregiver in the class setting during the early stages of the child’s attendance and through continued consultation.

Staff offer specialist advice to professionals, work in collaboration with them and the family/whanau towards achieving the highest level of learning and development for the child.

The Trust is committed to assist the staff to meet the needs of the child, their family or whanau through sound financial and management practices.  Staff are encouraged to meet their professional and personal goals through support with training, resources and time.

PA040076Parent and Child Groups

Children attend with and learn alongside their parent, family member or carer.
Sessions begin at 2 hours, twice per week.

Kindy/Pre-school Classes
Children are supported by Conductive Education Staff, with continued parent input.
Sessions may be scheduled for 1- 5 days, up to 5 ½ hours per day based on the needs of the child and family.

Specialised Groups
Numbers permitting, we welcome groups of:

  1. Premature babies and parents for earliest intervention, advice and support.
  2. Children diagnosed with Spina Bifida.

Conductive Education works with other community services based on the needs of the child and their goals as indicated by family and whanau.

  1. Child Development Service (provision of equipment).
  2. Education support workers provided by the Ministry of Education.
  3. Early Intervention teachers and Speech Language therapists.
  4. The Visual Resource Centre/ Royal Blind Foundation.
  5. Ministry of Education and Group Special Education
  6. Advisors of the Deaf, Behavioural Psychologist.
  7. Enable and Life Unlimited, Carer Support Services (Support & Advocacy / Needs Assessments).
  8. Community Early Childhood Centres.

Individual Sessions
By arrangement.Group and individual sessions vary in time and frequency according to the Group.
Our sessions are currently run during school term time.
We are licensed to operate between 8.30am and 4.00pm, Monday through Friday, for a maximum of 12 children.

PA040080The centre is licensed and chartered as an Early Childhood Centre (ECE) for Conductive Education Programmes. The Ministry of Education issues the license and the centre must operate under the licensing requirement of the Education (Early Childhood Centres) Regulations 1998. These affect the standards of staffing, programmes, buildings and management. The Charter is written in consultation with parents/whanau and staff. A copy of the Charter is kept in the office and foyer and is available for parents to read.

The Education Review Office review our centre triennially and a copy of this review is available from the centre or online at (February 2013).

Refer to OUR TEAM page.

  1. The Trust has always aimed to provide access for families at an affordable cost. Children are enrolled according to Early Childhood Education regulations and fees are in keeping with this.
  2. Initial assessment and consoltation: free
  3. A morning Session: 8:30am – 1pm $15.00
  4. An afternoon session: 1pm – 3pm $15.00
  5. Please ask for information on the following:
  6. Oscar child subsidy ( This may make Conductive totally free for you)
  7. National Travel Assistance
  8. Child Disability Allowance - WINZ Subsidies

From time to time, the Trust, staff or families may organise fundraising events which assist in staffing and/or equipment costs. Your help with these events is greatly appreciated.