Conductive Education

ce-logoA structured learning programme for children with motor disorders and developmental delay from different origins.

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Conductive Education Wellington

infantile-cerebral-palsy-educationConductive Education Wellington Trust is a licensed Early Childhood Education Centre.

We provide a warm, friendly and well-resourced learning environment for pre-school children, from birth to six years, who have a disorder of neurological origin or motor disorder.  Read more...

What is Conductive Education?

west-syndrome-educationConductive Education is a programme developed specifically to improve the quality of life for people with neuro-motor disorders. It is a holistic learning and educational orientated approach. Conductive Education treats neuro-motor disorders as a cognitive learning challenge rather than as a primary medical problem. Conductive Education teaches children to achieve and retain their maximum potential towards independence in all aspects of their life.

Who Can Benefit?

motor-disorders-educationConductive Education can be successfully applied to help children with the following syndromes/symptoms:

  • Varying forms of Infantile Cerebral Palsy (ICP).
  • Infatile Spasms
  • West Syndrome
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Spina Bifida
  • Perceptual disorders.
  • Muscular hypotonia syndrome.
  • Autism if the child has motor issues and/or developmentally delayed
  • ADHD
  • After effects of head injuries, acquired brain disorders following drowning, stroke, tumors.
  • Conditions following encephalitis and meningitis.

Motor disorders may be present from birth such as Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay, Spina Bifida or after birth (post natal) as a result of a stroke or head injury.

In addition, block courses can provide a booster programme for :

  • Children born prematurely who require additional assistance toward meeting their milestones.
  • Children presenting with delayed gross motor skills, poor coordination, balance and/or requiring support to develop fine motor skills.

Our service provision provides education and rehabilitation to pre-school children and support to their family/whanau/carer or support person.