Conductive Education

ce-logoA structured learning programme for children with motor disorders and developmental delay from different origins.

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Our Team

andorAndor Cseh
Andor graduated from the International Peto Institute in Hungry in 1988, where he trained to become a Conductor. This training was four years. Andor moved to NZ in 1993 to work for Conductive Education Wellington Trust as a Conductor. Conductive Education Wellington Trust is a licensed early childhood centre that works with children with motor disorders. Andor works with a wide range of children from 6 months to 5 years. He uses the Conductive principles to assist children with cerebral palsy, spina bifita, ADHD and autism to develop life skills such as: walking, sitting, toileting, language and the ability to feed themselves.

Andor enjoys New Zealand’s beautiful forests and tramps as often as possible. He also enjoys music and being with his wife and three children who are 21, 15, and 10

Xaio-Yan-Jia Xaio Yan Jia ( Yan)
Yan comes from a family with a special needs brother and from this she has always wanted to help people with a special needs child in their family. Because of her personal experience she understands how difficult it can be for the families. “My husband has always said that I have a gift for working with people with special needs. When the position was advertised for a teacher aide at the Conductive Education school unit I jumped at the chance.” Yan then moved to the early childhood centre in 1998 as a volunteer. After a couple a months she became an assistant and learnt all she could about the Conductive Education programme for the next 6 years. In order to continue working here Yan decided to do her ECE training at Whitireia. After 3 years she completed her diploma and returned to Conductive. While she continued to work for Conductive she completed her ECE degree. “I really enjoy working at Conductive with the children and the team. Seeing the children achieve is my biggest reward.”

Judy Silverwood
Judy is a fully qualified registered early childhood teacher with experience as a secondary school teacher and music teacher. Judy came into Early Childhood teaching and specifically to Conductive Education after a life with damaged hips. When she was born the medical profession had long-stay hospital care to treat this.
On Judy’s first visit to Conductive she saw children some with quite severe disabilities moving around and exercising choice and independence. Judy has enjoyed the holistic whanau approach Conductive has and has currently been involved now for five years.
Conductive is in both of Judy’s worlds of special needs and mainstream ECE. Judy feels it is a privilege to have time now that her family is grown up to teach these young ones. At Conductive Judy’s life experiences adds value to Conductive Education and bridging the gap between special needs and mainstream ECE.

Hong-Ching-KhoHong Ching Kho (Coco)
"Coco is a New Zealand registered music therapist of Malaysian Chinese decent. She has been involved in performing art since she was young. Music is her passion, therefore she decided to further her study in New Zealand in 2002 as an international student and graduated with Bachelor of Music in 2005 from the University of Otago, Dunedin. She then went back to Malaysia focused on her private teaching. She returned to New Zealand in late 2007 and formed a lovely family, and  is now based in the Hutt. Coco truly believes that the use of music intervention is able to facilitate and develop personal growth, intellectual, physical, mental, social needs and emotional well-being so she then started her music therapy training in 2009 at the New Zealand School of Music, Wellington. She was assigned to work with teenagers and elderly for her first year clinical practice. She received the McKenzie Music Therapy scholarship in 2010 and had her second year practice at Conductive Education Wellington Trust. She obtained her Master in music therapy in 2011. Currently, she is employed as a music therapist at CEWT and also at another early intervention trusts in Wellington, working with children aged between 6 months to 5 years old with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autistic Disorder Spectrum,  and other disorders."

fiona-edwards Fiona Edwards
Fiona first became involved in Conductive Education when her son began attending the programme in 2004. She stepped into her role in 2006. Seeing the wonderful work Conductive had achieved not only for her son but for the many children that have attended Conductive over the years she was excited to become part of the team as an administrator.

Fiona has a busy and diverse role ensuring all the requirements for funding are met, putting systems in place that require staff to continually develop and review their practise to ensure Conductive Education Wellington Trust provides the best possible care for the children with whom they work.


byron-greenwoodByron Greenwood
Byron was born in South Africa and moved to New Zealand when he was 11. Once in New Zealand his family settled in Lower Hutt and he began attending Kimi Ora. Four years later he continued onto Upper Hutt College. Byron became involved with Conductive Education through a respite facility called Kara hands which also co-ordinated respite for some of the families that were attending Conductive. Byron has been involved as a volunteer for 6 years. He appreciates so much all that his parents have done for him to get him where he is today. He has always wanted to work with children and sees his work at Conductive as a way to give back.


support-teamKath, Robyn and Maria – Educational Support staff (Provided and paid by the Ministry of Education and Group Special Education)

We play a vital role in the Conductive Education of children attending our centre. We work as a team to support the Conductors as they implement the goals of each child as outlined in each child's Conductive Education Plan (CEP). We work with a holistic approach to meet children's individual needs within the structure of the class programme, as delivered by the Conductors.

Some support staff also accompany individual children to community Kindergartens/Early Childhood Education centres as Education Support Workers (ESWs). This both extends and implements the Conductive Education goals in other educational environments, whilst enabling the children to develop socially with their peers.